About us


The healthcare markets are in a state of upheaval. State intervention, budgeting and generic competition on the one hand, large growth opportunities for innovations and proven products with USP on the other hand are shaping the business environment.

Innovative developments must be brought to market faster than ever and optimally introduced. The advantages of proven products must be convincingly demonstrated. Crisis risks must be recognized, crises must be managed professionally.

Quality and speed are the success factors for companies in the healthcare market.

Competent and committed employees are the basis for this. However, there will always be reasons to have tasks processed by partners.

We want to be your partner.

We do not see the transfer of tasks as "outsourcing", but as becoming part of your team. Your tasks are then our tasks.

Fields of experience

Women’s Health (hormone replacement therapy, contraception, fertility treatment, IVF/ART, breast diseases), Andrology (testosterone replacement therapy, ED), Allergology, Internal Medicine (hemophilia treatment, immunosuppressants in organ transplantation, pain management, rheumatology, thrombosis prophylaxis, thrombolysis, vaccination), Oncology, Proctology, Psychiatry (depression), Urology, Veterinary Medicine, and more…

The countries we have been operating in so far

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russian Federation, Czech Republic.


For us quality is the decisive benchmark.


Dr. Albrecht Pfahler (DVM) founded REMARK GmbH in 1999.

He previously held management positions in international pharmaceutical companies in the areas of Clinical Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs and Marketing.

REMARK is an independent, owner-managed service company.


The Research Quality Association (RQA)

Forum MedTech Pharma e.V.

German Quality Management Association e.V. (GQMA)