Medical Marketing

Strategy & Business Development

We help you to optimize your strengths, to check your strategy and to develop it further. We are experts in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market and bring our international experience and contacts into the individual consultation.

Medical Marketing / Medical Affairs

Are you aware of the possibilities that exist in the existing (sometimes hidden) data of your product to present the customer benefit and the product advantage?

To present the facts scientifically correct, to work out the essentials and to present them convincingly - that is one of our special competences. But your product is also in good hands with us for the processing of classic medical-scientific tasks.

Product management

The focus of our marketing and sales concepts is on the benefits for doctors and patients. The aim is to communicate these benefits rationally and emotionally and to make optimum use of the available resources.

Market Research

For a meaningful analysis of the market and the competition, it is not enough to analyze only statistics and figures. Rather, it is necessary to recognize and evaluate backgrounds and interests as well as emotions, which often have a decisive influence on the decision of your customers.

One-stop content and creative implementation

We ensure professionally and creatively convincing healthcare communication with demonstrable success.